Why does the receptionist need to ask whats wrong with me

It is not a case of the receptionist being nosey!

The reception staff are members of the practice team and it has been agreed they should ask patients “why they need to be seen” Reception staff are trained to ask certain questions in order to ensure that you receive:

  • The most appropriate medical care,
  • from the most appropriate health professional,
  • at the most appropriate time.

Receptionist are asked to collect brief information from patients:

  • To help doctors prioritise who gets seen and when.
  • To ensure that all patients receive the appropriate level of care.
  • To direct patients to see the most appropriate health care professional, sometimes this isn’t the GP!

Reception staff, like all member of the team, are bound by confidentiality rules.

Any information given by you is treated strictly confidentially

  • The practice would take any breach of confidentiality very seriously and deal with accordingly.
  • You can ask to speak to a receptionist in private away from the reception desk.
  • However if you feel an issue is very private and do not wish to say what this is then will be respected.